About Me

I’m Dalton Kendall, a 23 Vietnamese abstract artist and self-published author. I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and graduated from FSU cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2022. Creating by Dalton was a way for me to showcase my work, whether it be books, paintings, or hopefully one day ceramics. All of my paintings are entirely freehanded on canvas with acrylic paint. I take a lot of inspiration from natural flowing movements and movies or shows I would watch growing up. Often times, ideas for books will be on my mind as soon as I wake from my sleep. In all creative endeavors, I’m influenced by the whimsical nature of childhood and fairytales. As a girl, I was fascinated by fictional stories and myths. I'm extremely blessed to be able to not only express my creativity in a way that is meaningful to me, but also share it with you all. Through my works, with the use of colors and words, I hope to instill my same feeling of childlike wonder and amusement in others. I believe by holding onto that feeling, we can each create our own fairytale. This is mine.

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